Clearing The Air: Is Connective eCommerce A Scam?

Connective Ecommerce

Heard the whispers about the “connective ecommerce scam”? Let’s set the record straight. Connective eCommerce is legit, but like any venture, it comes with its challenges. Here we will tackle what you should know before diving in.

What Is Connective eCommerce?

Connective eCommerce is a refined form of dropshipping developed by Cortney Fletcher and Erika Constantine, eliminating the need for web developers, inventory management, and paid ads – have we got your attention now?

Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Imagine you want to start a lemonade stand. Normally, you’d buy lemons, sugar, cups, and make the lemonade yourself. You’d then stand at a table and sell it to people walking by. This is like traditional retail – you make and sell your product.

Now, imagine if, instead of making lemonade yourself, you take orders from people, then call a lemonade-making friend to make and deliver the lemonade for you. You never touch the lemons or the lemonade, but you still make money for every cup sold. This is like dropshipping, a popular ecommerce model.

Connective eCommerce takes this idea a step further. In this model, you still don’t make the lemonade yourself. But instead of standing at a table waiting for people to come by, you use social media to tell everyone how great your lemonade is. You might ask your friends to share posts about your lemonade, or even get a local celebrity to recommend it. People can order from you online, and your lemonade-making friend delivers it.

In more technical terms, Connective eCommerce is a business model where you sell products online, but you don’t hold any inventory or handle the products yourself. You use online platforms like Shopify to create your online store, and focus on marketing your products through non-paid channels like social media and influencers. When someone buys a product from your store, you order it from a supplier, who ships it directly to the customer. You make a profit from the difference between what you charge the customer and what you pay the supplier.

This model is called “connective” because it’s all about connecting with people – your customers, influencers, and suppliers – to sell products. It’s a way to start an online store with less risk because you don’t have to buy products in advance or worry about handling and shipping.

So, in a nutshell, Connective eCommerce is like having a lemonade stand on the internet, where your friend makes and delivers the lemonade, and you use the power of connections and online buzz to sell it!

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How Can You Jump On Board?

If you’re thinking of getting started with connective ecommerce, here’s a couple of tips:

  • Use Shopify & templates: Why stress over web development? With platforms like Shopify, setting up your online store is a breeze!
  • Opt for direct supplier shipping: Let your suppliers handle the shipping, and forget about inventory hassles.
  • Zero in on proven products: Stick to products that are in demand to keep the cash registers ringing.
  • Fast shipping is key: Keep your customers happy with speedy deliveries.
  • Smart pricing strategies: Aim for around 5X the cost to maximize your profits.
  • Collaborate with influencers: Let influencers shine a spotlight on your brand.
  • Scale up with advertising: Once the profits roll in, it’s time to invest in advertising.

Basics For Success

Want to ace connective ecommerce? Keep your suppliers in the loop, choose your platform wisely, and don’t skimp on advertising! Remember, platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are nailing it in the connective ecommerce world. Whether you are looking for an experienced Amazon accountant or a Shopify Accountant, our team at Hiro CFO will help you every step of your online journey.

Are There Any Successful Platforms Utilizing Connective eCommerce?

Yes, platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are examples of successful Connective eCommerce platforms.

Is A DIY Approach Feasible In Connective eCommerce?

Yes, a DIY approach using platforms like Wix and Shopify, along with understanding sales basics, is feasible. It can be a good way to minimize costs and risks. If you are willing to put in the hours of hard work then you stand to reap the benefits.

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Challenges Of Implementing Connective eCommerce

You have to ask yourself, if it is so easy then why isn’t everyone doing it? Here are some challenges that you will need to overcome as you learn how to grow your online store.

Customer Experience

Striking the right balance in pricing and understanding the diverse needs of your customers is crucial. Ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience for every user should be your top priority.

Integration With Existing Systems

Make sure all your business tools and software integrate seamlessly. This is vital for avoiding complications and ensuring your operations run smoothly.


Safeguarding your online store against cyberattacks is non-negotiable. It’s essential to protect your data, finances, and reputation.


The eCommerce field is crowded and competitive. To stand out, you’ll need a customer-centered strategy, agility, and a keen eye on the latest technological advancements.

Find The Right Niche

Identifying a unique selling proposition and a target audience that isn’t already crowded with competitors is a good start. It’s the first step towards establishing a successful eCommerce presence.

Sourcing The Products

Working with a limited budget? Finding reliable suppliers who can provide quality products at reasonable prices becomes even more crucial.

Economic Challenges

Be ready to address the costs associated with establishing an eCommerce business, navigate through competition, and adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

Common Mistakes

We have put together a list of common mistakes you should be aware of when navigating the eCommerce world.

Don’t Forget Your Ecommerce Accounting!

To get the connective ecommerce model right, you’ll need a specialist ecommerce accountant by your side! From expert-level ecommerce bookkeeping services to insightful tax advice and ecommerce accounting software, HiroCFO ticks all the boxes! Book a free consultation with us to discuss our services.

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