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HiroCFO is a team of specialized Shopify accountants. We provide Shopify store owners with the bookkeeping, accounting, tax and on-going ecommerce business advice you need to succeed.

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What Is A Shopify Accountant

A Shopify accountant specializes in accounting services tailored for the unique financial and tax considerations of operating a Shopify store. This includes tracking sales revenue, managing expenses, overseeing inventory, and ensuring tax compliance. It’s not just about balancing the books; it’s about leveraging a deep understanding of the Shopify platform to drive your business success. We will also guide you on how to scale your ecommerce business.

Who Needs A Shopify Accountant & Why

If you’re a Shopify store owner, you might be wondering if you need a specialized accountant. The answer? Absolutely. Here’s why a Shopify accountant is essential.

The world of Shopify is vast and ever-changing. From navigating the platform’s unique fee structures to understanding the intricacies of e-commerce sales tax, there’s a lot to juggle. And let’s not forget that you’re still trying to manage sales, track inventory, and handle returns. It can quickly become overwhelming.

But here’s the good news: with a Shopify accountant by your side, you don’t have to go it alone. At HiroCFO, our ecommerce accountants understand the ins and outs of Shopify accounting, so you can focus on what you do best – selling more products!

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Our Shopify Accounting Services

With HiroCFO as your trusted Shopify accountant, expect top-tier accounting services tailored for Shopify sellers. From ecommerce bookkeeping services to strategic financial advice, we’ve got you covered:


Tech Stack

Seamlessly connect your Shopify store to our custom tech stack. Experience simplified accounting with real-time insights into your store’s financial metrics.

Shopify Bookkeeping

Our ecommerce bookkeeping services ensure your financial records are accurate and up-to-date, offering a clear snapshot of your store’s financial health.

Shopify Accounting

We manage all aspects of your accounting, from tracking revenue to handling expenses and comprehensive reporting. We’ve got all your Shopify accounting needs covered.


Dive deeper into your Shopify store’s performance with detailed financial reports, including profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Shopify Tax

Navigate the intricate world of e-commerce tax with ease. Our team of specialist ecommerce tax accountants helps you stay compliant while optimizing your tax savings. .

CFO & Advice

We’re with you every step of the way on your e-commerce journey. Expect ongoing strategic advice and regular updates to help grow your Shopify business.

Shopify Accounting Software

Your Shopify business deserves accounting software that understands its unique challenges. With HiroCFO, we can get you set up on the very best Shopify accounting software. Already have accounting software? Excellent—we’ll ensure your chart of accounts is configured correctly and data flows accurately between Shopify and your accounting package.

We’ve custom-built our own reporting dashboard specifically for Shopify sellers. We’ll integrate your Shopify store and accounting software into this dashboard, providing you with a simplified, unified view of all your key financial metrics. 

Curious to see how it works? Book a free demo today!

Shopify Accounting Software

What’s Included In Shopify Accounting

At HiroCFO, our team of Shopify accountants are more than just basic number crunching. Let’s take a deeper look at our Shopify accounting services.

Bookkeeping For Shopify

Our ecommerce bookkeeping services keep your financial records accurate and up-to-date. Say goodbye to worries about accounts payable and receivable, returns, supplier discounts, or reconciling bank and credit card statements and payment processors.

Shopify Accounting

Our ecommerce accounting services provide a clear, concise snapshot of your financial standing. From sales and profitability to inventory cycles and overhead costs, we ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

Financial Reporting

Shopify sellers need key metrics to gauge their store’s performance. While we provide traditional financial statements like profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, our real strength lies in delivering the exact KPIs you’re looking for, in real-time.

Tax Services

Owning a Shopify store comes with tax responsibilities. With a specialist in ecommerce tax accountant (that’s us), you can put concerns about collecting and remitting sales tax, year-end tax preparations, and tax planning to rest. Check out our tax services to see how we can help you save money.

CFO & Advice

We go beyond the numbers to offer strategic financial advice aimed at helping Shopify sellers grow. Our CFO services include budgeting, financial forecasting, cash flow management, and strategic planning. We work closely with you to understand your business goals and provide the guidance you need.

Tech Stack

Technology is central to your operations, and we leverage it to simplify your Shopify accounting. As a client, you’ll have access to a custom Shopify reporting dashboard with real-time insights into the financial metrics that matter most to your business.

Do I Need A Shopify Accountant?

Absolutely. Selling on Shopify has its unique financial intricacies. A Shopify Accountant helps you navigate this complex landscape, ensuring you’re compliant with tax laws and maximizing profitability. With the ever-changing e-commerce environment, having a specialist by your side isn’t just smart – it’s essential.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Shopify Accountant

Here’s what you gain when you have a Shopify accountant by your side:

Been there, done that

Been there, done that

The challenges you’re encountering with your Shopify store? We’ve tackled them before. With a Shopify accountant, you can sidestep common pitfalls, saving both time and money.


Manage inventory better

Integrating your Shopify platform with accounting software can be tricky, especially when tracking COGs and inventory. We ensure seamless integration, so you have accurate, real-time data at your fingertips.

Numbers you want

Numbers you want

Which numbers do you look at? There’s so much information. Your Shopify accountant will highlight the essential metrics tailored for Shopify sellers, ensuring you’re always informed.

Accounting Methods For Shopify Sellers

Choosing the right accounting method for your Shopify sales is crucial for accurate financial reporting. Most Shopify sellers opt for the accrual method of accounting, which records revenue and expenses as they are incurred, rather than when they are paid.

This approach provides a more accurate picture of your income and expenses over time, leading to a more realistic understanding of your cash flow. At HiroCFO, we guide you in selecting the accounting method that best suits your specific business model.

How To Choose The Right Shopify Accountant

When it comes to selecting your Shopify accountant, here are some key factors to consider:



Look for a Shopify accountant who specializes in the platform. They should have a in-depth understanding of the Shopify platform and the unique financial challenges it presents.



Make sure they offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored for Shopify sellers, including bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and relevant financial advice.



The best Shopify accountants utilize top-tier Shopify accounting software and technology to streamline your processes and offer real-time insights into your financials.



Your Shopify accountant should be approachable, easy to communicate with, and readily available to answer your questions.

At HiroCFO, we meet all these criteria. Our team is prepared to assist you with your Shopify business today! Schedule a call now to get started!

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Generally, no, you don’t need a license to sell on Shopify. However, you may be required to obtain one depending on factors like your location and the types of products you’re selling. It’s advisable to speak to an ecommerce CPA who can advise you based on your specific situation.

Shopify store owners need to consider sales tax collection based on nexus, VAT for international sales, and understanding how Shopify’s fee structures impact taxable income. It’s essential to stay compliant with local, state, and international tax regulations.

Shopify accounting addresses specific challenges like Shopify’s fee structures, sales tax considerations, and platform-specific reporting. While general e-commerce accounting provides a broad overview, Shopify accounting delves into platform-specific details.

Yes, if you’re running a Shopify store, having an accountant is highly recommended. They can help you navigate the complex financial landscape of Shopify, ensuring you’re compliant with tax laws and maximizing profitability.

Yes, HiroCFO does offer bookkeeping services for Shopify sellers. Our offerings include bookkeeping cleanup, software setup, monthly bookkeeping, tax compliance, financial reports, and access to top-tier e-commerce technology.

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